Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The HOLI (holy)-days

As the year comes to an end,  we get closer and closer to the holiday season. This time of year always puts me in a great mood. Christmas is my favorite holiday because of what it represents as well as the joyous feeling that it gives me. All aspects of Christmas make me happy: eggnog, decorating the Christmas Tree, the smell of cinnamon and pine cones, etc. My favorite portion of this holiday is its TRUE meaning, Jesus. In the media we are bombarded with holiday films and holiday themed shows that focus on the superficial aspect (spending loads of money, waiting for Santa Claus, etc.) of the holiday. It is rare that a television program focuses on the TRUE  meaning of CHRIST-mas, which is the birth of CHRIST.

A day or so ago, I raised the question to my Twitter following, asking " How can one celebrate Christmas, but not believe in Jesus?  I got very few responses, however one of my followers did share that she wondered the same thing. She stated how she has a friend that celebrates Christmas as well as Chanukuh. Chanukah is a Jewish holiday and in Judaism Jesus is looked upon as a false messiah. So, I was just completely baffled at the idea of someone celebrating the birth of someone  that  is looked at as a false messiah. This is a clear representation of how Christmas  has become so commercialized that people are celebrating something they don't even believe in.

The origin of Christmas is the birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. There was no Snata Claus, Elves, or Reindeer. For children, it is a beautiful picture to paint, but lets not fool them as well as ourselves. The true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus and it is important that we teach our children and remember it ourselves. I'm not saing that it is wrong to decorate a tree, purchase gifts, sing Christmas Carols, but I am saying in doing all of this don't forget the true meaning of this HOLI-day.

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